Christmas Tree Care

Proper Tree Care for Your Real Christmas Tree

We’ve outlined some basic tips to ensure you get the most out of your Holiday Christmas tree.

  • Start with a stable tree stand that will hold your tree without tipping and provide enough water ( 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter 1 ).
  • Clear a space large enough to handle the diameter of your tree and stay away from heat sources.
  • For trees that have been cut longer than 4 hours, make a fresh cut of about a ½” disk from the base of the trunk for water uptake.
  • Secure the tree in the stand making sure it is straight and add water.
  • Water temperature doesn’t matter and no additives are needed.
  • The tree will require a lot of water initially, so make sure there is plenty of water for uptake.

Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree

Earth 911 Logo - Recycle your Christmas TreeReal trees are a renewable, recyclable resource providing benefits to the environment. The plantation-grown Holiday trees decompose in landfills and quickly replenish soil nutrients. There is also a growing trend of recycling Christmas trees where the trees are turned into mulch for gardens and other uses. Find a Christmas tree recycling center near you.