Wholesale Christmas Trees — Grown in Oregon

Holiday Tree Farms has been bringing the real Christmas tree tradition to millions for over fifty years. Established in 1955, Holiday Tree Farms continues to shape the wholesale Christmas tree industry with pioneering innovations. Developing innovative techniques to culture trees properly to meet our customer's needs is our passion.   Learn more about our Wholesale Christmas trees »   Hear our Christmas tree farm story »

Wholesale Christmas Trees — Freshness & Quality

From seed to store, we control every aspect of our operation to ensure we are delivering only the highest quality and freshest Christmas trees. Our elite seedlings are grown in our very own nursery where only the highest quality seeds from our private seed sources are used. Each Christmas tree is meticulously cared for ensuring a healthy, dense and fragrant Christmas tree. We have engineered and refined our harvest procedures in order to minimize the time from cut to delivery and, during harvest, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until every order has been delivered on time.   View our different Christmas tree types »

Wholesale Christmas Trees — Logistics

One million is a difficult number to visualize—the equivalent of driving one million miles would be 40 trips around the world! At Holiday, we ship over one million Christmas trees per year and have been for quite some time.   Learn about harvest and logistics »

Whether you are picking up your own order at one of our Christmas tree farms in Oregon or our Los Angeles Christmas tree wholesale lot, or having us ship by semi-truck, intermodal or air, one thing to know with Holiday Tree Farms is that your order is in good hands—we'll get it to you on time.   Christmas Tree Shipping »

Environment & Sustainability

Real Christmas trees are the environmentally responsible choice. Plantation Christmas trees are farmed similar to most other row crops where the soil is prepped, crops are planted, cultivated and harvested. We have a sustainable farm plan in place that allows us to produce the highest quality Christmas trees while supporting and protecting the environment around us.   Learn about our sustainable Christmas tree farm »

Christmas Tree Growers — We Are Family Run

Holiday Tree Farms has been growing trees for family traditions since 1955. The pleasure of bringing Christmas happiness through our trees has been passed down from generation to generation. We are a family run business
going into the third generation and remain dedicated to our mission.   Our story »

We pledge to our customers, honesty, integrity
and the highest quality products
with personal service.