Excellent Seasonal Job Opportunity!

Holiday Tree Farms is the world’s largest wholesale Christmas tree farm and is based in Corvallis, Oregon. We ship over 1 Million Christmas trees and wreaths all over the world during harvest, which begins in October and ends in December. Each year we expand our team of professionals to handle transportation, accounting, customer service, human resources, and harvest production. Harvest is a busy time and usually requires 7 day work-weeks, especially mid-Nov through mid-Dec.

The positions can be challenging, but also very rewarding in a personal and financial way. Ending the year with extra income helps local families prior to the Holidays. Many of our seasonal employees come back each year as it complements another seasonal career. It’s also a great opportunity for semi-retired folks looking for extra income and a challenge. We also have lots of stay-at-home spouses take advantage of the opportunity to add to the family income.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please send a copy of your resume to [email protected]

Holiday Tree Farms Career Center

Holiday Tree Farms is an equal opportunity employer that strives to build and maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities where we are involved. We are consistently looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals that are ready to apply their skills to spreading Christmas cheer.

Holiday employs over 100 full time positions and during harvest, we balloon to over 600. We have a number of positions to fill in both permanent and temporary positions. If you're interested in working for Holiday Tree Farms, please contact us!

Holiday Tree Farms
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