Christmas Tree Shipping

Delivering a fresh Christmas tree

Holiday Tree Farms is centrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, near Oregon's major transport corridors (US Interstates 5 and 84). We ship internationally by truck, intermodal or air. Our trees, hand-crafted wreaths and greens are selected, meticulously wrapped and carefully shipped to arrive in premium condition.

Holiday Tree Farms runs 12 separate processing yards, employing 600 people during the critical harvest season. Trees are delivered to these yards by truck or direct flight by helicopters. It's here that trees are graded, tagged for size, baled, stacked by species and made ready for shipment. Trees are twine baled (single wrap) or palletized to meet the demands of certain volume buyers. Holiday is one of the few growers in the United States to offer this unique palletized service to its customers.