Our Difference

Unlike any other place on Earth

Pacific Northwest Mountain and Douglas Fir TreesThe Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most colorful, lush, inspiring scenery that can be found.

Holiday Tree Farms is located in Oregon’s Willamette valley where gently rolling hills are nestled between the Coast Range and mountainous Cascade range. The soil types are well drained and the farms are conveniently located near highways and freeways to minimize the transit time from farm to home.

From elite seedlings grown in Holiday's own nursery, to the delivery of the best, fresh-cut Christmas trees that care and skill can produce, Holiday Tree Farms remains a recognized industry leader. Holiday is Oregon's largest supplier of Christmas trees, wreaths and greens. We have a tradition built on quality, service and integrity. We say what we do and do what we say.


Pioneering the farm grown Christmas tree industry

Holiday Tree Farms occupies a strong position nationally as one of the major growers and suppliers of Christmas trees and Christmas greenery. With over 8,500 acres of Christmas trees, Holiday Tree Farms is Oregon's largest producer, harvesting over one million trees annually.

All phases of tree production, from seed stock selection through delivery to your location is orchestrated by Holiday, assuring exceptional product quality. All Holiday Tree Farms products are phytosanitary certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Holiday Tree Farms Christmas trees have been recognized as a Grand Champion and a blue ribbon winner in numerous National, State, Industry and Local shows and fairs.



Nursery and Seeds

Our trees start as seeds from our very own seed sources. We track and document each tree from the seed source to harvest in order to ensure that you receive only the best quality and freshest tree.

Having our own nursery allows us to continually monitor the quality of our trees as well as test innovative approaches to improving tree quality through genetics, increasing storability and developing a more eco-friendly approach to delivering the real Christmas tree experience.

The highest quality

Holiday Tree Farms is dedicated to providing the highest quality products while keeping the environment in mind. We have dedicated employees, employ the latest technology in growing and harvesting, and strive to provide reliable, honest service to our customers.

Daily attention is given to pruning, fertilizing, spraying, shearing and shaping. All conditions are monitored that might affect tree quality. We move quickly to take advantage of the ideal moment to correct any problem. All Holiday Tree Farms products are phytosanitary certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Aerial transport at harvest time is fast and exciting; it is also the most efficient method to get trees from our fields to our processing and shipping yards. The extremely short time it takes us to cut, remove, package and ship Holiday Christmas Trees insures that our customers receive only the freshest, most beautiful trees available every year.



Delivering a fresh Christmas tree

Holiday Tree Farms is centrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, near Oregon's major transport corridors (US Interstates 5 and 84). We ship internationally by truck, intermodal or air. Our trees, hand-crafted wreaths and greens are selected, meticulously wrapped and carefully shipped to arrive in premium condition.

Holiday Tree Farms runs 12 separate processing yards, employing 600 people during the critical harvest season. Trees are delivered to these yards by truck or direct flight by helicopters. It's here that trees are graded, tagged for size, baled, stacked by species and made ready for shipment. Trees are twine baled (single wrap) or palletized to meet the demands of certain volume buyers. Holiday is one of the few growers in the United States to offer this unique palletized service to its customers.