Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship - Birdhouses on Tree Farm

Land is a finite resource, so we are careful to protect our natural environment. To minimize resource degradation, we use the latest proven scientific methods of field preparation, planting and fertilizer/herbicide application. Trees are harvested using helicopters to assure product freshness with minimal environmental impact. Holiday Tree Farms maintains an active relationship with Oregon State University, sponsoring research and environmental stewardship programs.

The plantation-grown Holiday tree is a renewable resource that is environmentally superior to oil based (plastic) artificial trees. Holiday trees decompose in landfills and quickly replentish soil nutrients rather than release toxins for a period of years.

Many uses for recycled trees are being developed and are gaining in acceptance. Holiday trees can be recycled into mulch for gardens after Christmas and avoid the overuse of area landfills.

Summer fallow periods and planting post-harvest cover crops generates organic matter, provides wildlife habitat and replenishes nutrients that renew the soil. Scenic greenbelts are created that protect water supplies.

These practices assure a strong and vibrant environment. Stewardship of our natural resources is a legacy of Holiday Tree Farms.